Product warranty

All items sold in the store (excluding games, OS, and other disposable keys) are given 24 months guarantee for natural persons (unless stated otherwise) and 12 months legal entities. The warranty is valid from the date of sale.

Return rules

Unused non-faulty goods return rules: 

  • Natural persons (the Buyer) have the right to replace the purchased unused non-faulty goods with similar goods of different dimensions, shape, color, model or completeness within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the day of delivery of the goods. If there is a price difference when exchanging goods, the Buyer must pay the Seller according to the recalculated prices. The Buyer must notice the seller with the specified returned goods information by e-mail
  • By receiving goods the Seller is obligated to swap them to the same goods, but with changes in form, size, color, model or set as pointed out by Customer. If the Seller doesn't have a product eligible for swapping, he will return Natural Person the amount of money he paid (excluding shipping costs). Money to the Buyer is being returned in 14 (fourteen) calendar days after the Seller has received the returned goods.

When returning the goods the Buyer must comply with these conditions:

  • the returned goods must be unused
  • the returned goods must be in original undamaged packaging
  • the returned goods must be undamaged
  • the returned goods must be in mint condition (undamaged labels, protected films, etc.) (this paragraph is not valid if the good is faulty
  • the returned goods must be in the same configuration as the Buyer received it
  • when returning the goods, the Buyer must attach invoice and/or check

Warranty service for faulty or incomplete set

  • Natural persons or legal entities (the Buyer) who wants to file a complaint about goods being faulty or with missing/incomplete set can do that by e-mail
  • By filing a complaint the Buyer must provide this information:
    • Order number
    • Photos (or video) of the good where the fault is visible
    • Photos of the product packaging with visible product number and serial number. If the packaging is lost, a photo of the product with visible product number and serial number.
    • A short description of product fault or missing/incomplete set

The buyer is obliged to pay warranty service fine for diagnostic if:

  • serial number label is damaged or missing or original packaging is missing with visible serial number
  • the good is mechanically damaged
  • the good is arbitrarily disassembled or traces of such act is visible
  • the failure was due to users fault or improper use and/or operating conditions such as humidity, heat, etc. and the customer refused paid repair (if such is possible)
  • the failure occurred using consumables that are not recommended by the manufacturer
  • the failure was due to a software failure or non-genuine OS
  • the failure is non-existant

ATTENTION: in order to use 14 day return policy for unused non-faulty goods or warranty service for faulty or incomplete set, the Buyer must deliver the goods to us at the following address (indicating phone number +370 652 54145 and e-mail UAB "Tarpo Klavišas" Verkių g. 29F, Vilnius, LT-09108. The Buyer must attach invoice and/or check, contact information (name, surname, telephone, e-mail) and a brief description of the fault.