Return policy

• 1. Rules for returning or swapping good quality products.
1.1. Customer has a right to swap the goods he acquired to analogue products of different sizes, form, color model or different set. If a price difference occurs while swapping goods, Customer and Seller are obligated to settle on re-calculated prices. Buyer's request to use this right of Return Policy with exact goods pointed out has to be sent to 1.2. By receiving goods Seller is obligated to swap them to the same goods, but with changes in form, size, color, model or set as pointed out by Customer.  If the Seller doesn't have a product eligible for swapping, he will return Customer the amount of money he paid. Money to the Customer is being returned in 14 (fourteen) calendar days after Seller has received a return request from Customer, or, if the Product has not been returned to the Seller, the term mentioned in this paragraph is counted from the date of returning the Product to the Seller.

1.2. By returning goods, Customer is obligated to obey these rules:
1.2.1. the product that is being returned has to be in an orderly, original package;
1.2.2. the product has to be undamaged by the Customer;
1.2.3. the product has to be unused, in mint condition (with labels, protective film, etc.) (this paragraph is not valid if the Product is faulty);
1.2.4. the product that is being returned has to be of the same set that the Customer received it.
1.2.5. when returning a product the Customer has to show the check.
1.3. If the Seller has no goods for swapping, the Customer receives his paid sum without shipping price being counted.
1.4. Faulty goods or products with missing set
1.4.1. Customer, who wants to file a complaint about goods being faulty or with missing set can do that by e-mail:
1.5. By filing a complaint Customer has to provide this information:
1.5.1. Order number;
1.5.2. A photo of the Product, where the fault is visible (if it's a mechanical fault and it's possible to photograph it);
1.5.3. A photo of Product's package;
1.5.4. Describe the Product's fault or missing part.
1.6. By filing a complaint, Customer has to provide information, how he wants the complaint to be resolved;
1.6.1. Faulty Product is requested to be changed to a quality one;
1.6.2. A set is asked to be filled for a Product with missing set or missing items from the set;
1.6.3. The sum that has been paid is requested to be returned. We will gladly answer all your questions on e-mail: