nördic RGB Headset Review

nördic RGB Gaming Headset

nördic  - a manufacturer of computer equipment, founded in Sweden in 2019, the main purpose of which is to offer customers high-quality goods at an affordable price. As the manufacturer himself claims, the maximum abandonment of unnecessary things during the manufacturing process of the product allows a reduction in the final selling price. The manufacturer also claims that it aims to minimise its environmental impact, so that the packaging of the products does not look luxurious.

When you hear such words, it probably makes you wonder if the "savings" so emphasised do not reduce the quality of products – so one of the cheapest (€30) nördic gaming headphones with RGB lighting, microphone and stereo sound is selected for the review.



The headset to your computer is connected using a 2.2m long, tight-fitting rubberized, not braided cable that plugs into 3.5mm headphone, microphone and USB ports, connectors are large, quite clumsy, whereas USB one is decorated with cheap-looking gameri-ish ornament.

nördic RGB Gaming Headset USB 3.5mm headset jack

The manufacturer does not offer any software for headphones – so the equalizer will have to be searched online and the lighting will not be adjusted; although it doesn't sound tempting, it allows you to start using the headset immediately after they are connected without need for a software.


Design and convenience

The headset has self-adjusting headband. Considering its price, there can rise all sorts of questions as far as  future inconveniences and rapid breakage, but the it is comfortable, not particularly pressuring your head; the material is the artificial skin chosen by the manufacturer, so that the dust cleans easily.

The upper part of the top band, which consists of two strips of metal, looks not reliable enough. It is possible that they will not withstand long-term intensive use of headphones. Overall, however, the headphone top band is quite comfortable and when put on does not give an impression of using a cheap product.The only cheap-looking detail is the protruding wire that jodins  the left pad with  the right one.

nördic RGB Gaming Headset headband

As for earcups, it's not surprising, but there's nothing very wrong with that.Pads, unfortunately, do not twist (however, at such a price no one expects much). Cushions are quite rigid, materials are budgeted: thick artificial skin on the outside (the same as in the top band) and unexplained material on the speakers. Cushions do not press too much (again, for the attention of the ones wearing eyeglasses – these headphones do not match  any eyeglasses  as they often break their temple tips).

Using headphones for longer time, the ears may heat up – but not much more than other headphones with artificial skin cushions. The RGB lighting elements on the pads are nothing special: they are bright (even in daylight), but with the economy in mind, the control is carried out by disconnecting the USB cable, which also supplies the current to the lighting.

nördic RGB Gaming Headset microphone

The headset microphone is non-foldable and non-removable. When using headphones for non-games (for example, watching a movie), the microphone really stumbles and interferes – it also disturbs the fact that its tip always shines red.

The headphone volume  wheel is quite messy: it's very much out of the earbud, so it's not always easy to turn around. The wheel itself rotates quite easily, but nevertheless, it is not particularly convenient to use it.



As for headphones costing just over two sets of sushi in sushi express next to the store, the volume quality is surprising – the sound is not particularly dull, the low frequencies are not too strong, the high ones are not screaming, but not too weak. The headset is also suitable for listening to medium-demanding music, and for games– all the more so: although the sound is only stereo, but for a quiet game in the evening, it is enough. Personally, I would suggest that Windows Sonic surround sound be turned on – the feature is good, and in games, surround sound becomes much more realistic. Although this will not equate to 7.1 virtual surround sound, it will be much better than a simple stereo.

Personally, I would suggest that Windows Sonic surround sound be turned on – the feature is good, and in games, surround sound becomes much more realistic. Although this will not equate to 7.1 virtual surround sound, it will be much better than a simple stereo.

The quality of the headset microphone is also surprising – though the microphone is silent (which will require you to download an additional app to enhance the microphone), but the sound quality is really decent for this price point. Of course, for a more advanced streaming, such a microphone may not be sufficient enough, but to talk to friends during the game – quite satisfactory.


User experience and impressions

Headphones are, in fact, rather convenient – the head is pressed weakly, the ear cushions do not insulate too much heat. Although there are  things that might irritate you – unregulated lighting or thick cords, but these they are not particularly important in terms of the price. The headphones on the head properly fit the head, do not fall; but you won't be able to get out of town with them – a long cord and protruding microphone won't let it happen.

Sound and microphone are not surprising in quality, but this should not be the case in such a price category. So, the headset is only suitable for games with friends; and if you need a headset with a microphone at a low price, I can't say any serious argument why these headphones couldn't be one of the choices.

The verdict

nördic offer the user a less low level of comfort and what may be needed for an undemanding player – RGB lighting (unfortunately, unregulated one), a microphone of quite good quality, (excessively) strong cord and quality sound. Although the headsethas drawbacks – the length of the cord, the always protruding microphone, the lighting with no control or a little cheap material, but costing 30 euros... They are probably one of the better choices for those looking for quite comfortable headphones for a relaxing game with friends on weekend evenings.

nördic RGB Gaming Headset