HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro Review

HyperX – the game equipment manufacturer has been most famous for Cloud series headphones, which has been known for high level of comfort, high-quality sound and reliability. Pulsefire FPS PRO is the heir to Pulsefire FPS, the first HyperX gaming mouse: better sensor, software to adjust lighting and DPI, different material the mouse is made of and, what is more, it is worth buying in terms of money, the price – 45 euros (the first version costs 40 euros).

The mouse also has large slides, rubber-coated sides and a braided wire. The HyperX Pulsefire FPS PRO mouse has been selected for the overview for a year to see if HyperX has accepted the feedback on the first mouse and has preserved its convenience.

HyperX Pulsefire FPS PRO


The mouse is connected to the computer with a 1.8-meter-long flexible braided cable ending with a conventional USB connection. The mouse can also be used without NGenuity software (there are three factory profiles installed, which will be enough  for the player to be satisfied), which must be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.

Unfortunately, the appearance of the second version of the software, which is only in beta, has been experiencing some problems with the programs on one computer and the first version required for the mouse, the second version does not yet support FPS PRO, but supports the other mice, so occasionally the new version mixes the mouse and does not go through the actual, old software. But if you don't install the second version, you will face no problems and no worries.

The software is visually a little outdated, initially it is not easy to use (especially without reading the one-time explanation of the displayed features), but accustomed – without problems; can be changed in the app for mouse button functions (e.g. for side buttons to adjust sound or pause music), lighting effects, and DPI up to 16000 (up to 5 different DPI settings can be saved per mouse profile, which can be used without software intervention).

HyperX Ngenuity software

Convenient thing – the three profiles saved in the mouse (sufficient amount) profiles are independent and do not require software, so when they are created and uploaded to the mouse, the software can be installed; and when you attach your mouse to another computer, you'll still be able to use your profiles — convenient for attending LAN parties when a different computer is being used.

Design and user experience

Pulsefire FPS PRO mouse is for right-handed only (and if you're left-handed and you still want HyperX – unfortunately, HyperX doesn't yet produce mice suitable for the  left- handed); the mouse shape is pleasant to look at, identical to Pulsefire FPS, rests comfortably in the hand (if the hand is not small – the mouse is more suitable for medium and large hands).

Rubber sides, the first generation of mouse users nicknamed it "frog skinned", in this mouse is slightly different –there are no indentations, but it is rough; and although at first glance they look uncomfortable, they perform their function perfectly during longer sessions – give your hand better grip of the mouse.

The material of the mouse body is a metallic-looking plastic selected wisely (and according to reviews about Pulsefire FPS) on which the remaining fingerprints are not visible (by the way, the mouse is not already as dark gray as it appears in the photos). And when it comes to skates at the bottom of the mouse, they are really large and the mouse, despite the weight of 95 grams, moves on the mousepad easily.

The mouse buttons are, in my opinion, wonderful. Left and right – with recess for fingers Omron buttons: rigid, with pleasant click; pre-travel – about 1 millimeter, which is not much; post-travel - almost none and clicking the mouse does not feel mushy.

The mouse wheel – covered with patterned rubber, rotates easily, quite tactile but the click is quite soft. The wheel can only be pressed down; the wheel presses easily even with the middle finger, so it can be used boldly even in intense game battles.

HyperX Pulsefire FPS PRO buttons, wheel and braided cable

DPI button – in a non-sticky place, comfortable and pleasantly pressing; when changing the DPI, the mouse will shine for a short time on each DPI user's assigned color (thanks to the software).

Well, the side buttons are the place where HyperX allowed itself to occur. The buttons are small, but in a convenient place – with your thumb easily and most importantly, quickly reached. Like the main buttons, they are rigid, not abruptly squeezing and very pleasantly sounding (and their sides easily collect dust – but using earpicks can be cleaned in a few seconds).

Mouse sensor – Pixart 3389, one of the best model of this manufacturer. Difference between the 3310 (former Pulsefire FPS sensor) and 3389 is unnoticable, in games (tested in various shooters: CS:GO, Quake Champions, Insurgency, Destiny 2, Titanfall 2 and Overwatch) the target doesn't jerk, flicks are not hindered.

Even with non-binding applications (web browser, MS Office), smoothness and non-twitching in the cursor movement, make even daily use of the computer more enjoyable and less tedious.

Well, as far as RGB lighting goes, it doesn't leave you disappointed. However, you will not surprised either. LEDs are bright, even in strong light, the color remains rich; while holding down the DPI button and pressing the side buttons, you can adjust the brightness of the illumination – it is convenient that no software intervention is required.

Unfortunately, the mouse does not offer an adjustable lighting of the Razer Chroma effect – the mere fact that the wheel and logo can only shine in one colour significantly limits the choice of effects. Personally, I would suggest using one and a constant colour (in my case  - red) or changing rainbow colours for lighting – other effects look quite cheap and clumsy.


HyperX Pulsefire FPS PRO shape

With the cost of 45 euros, the HyperX Pulsefire FPS PRO gaming mouse is a great choice for players who do not want to  pay for unnecessary features (such as RGB lighting with 33 individually operated LED or optical buttons) and get a high-quality and reliable mouse – Pixart 3389 sensors used in professional e-sport, reliable and convenient Omron buttons.

User-friendly compatibility is created between user-friendly software and a mouse, which allows you to forget when you turn on programmes that start and load your computer (for example, Razer Synapse, which shows a colorful animated window with a logo on your computer and hides on the taskbar). The eye-catching and comfortable mouse design has a sense of confidence and guarantees long and comfortable computer working hours. And while the rubber sides of the mouse and its considerable size will not suit everyone, I dare say that Pulsefire FPS PRO is one of the best choices in this price category.