Glorious Model D Review

In 2014, the players founded a company that was called Glorious PC Gaming Race or just Glorious, which was started by Reddit community. It produces mice, keyboards and their accessories that offer players attractive qualities and good value for money. The company has gained enormous popularity with the appearance of Model O mouse the weight of which was only 67 grams and it was with an eye-catching symmetrical design. Furthermore, it had an ultra-flexible cable, quality skaters and DPI sensitivity indicators – the preferred features  by most of the gamers. Seven months later Model D was released which was one gram heavier for right-hand users only and bigger than Model O.

Model O was the beggining of a range of ultra-light mice - before Model D has appeared, Razer Viper and Cooler Master MM710 saw daylight - the response of other manufacturers to the player-popular RGB gaming Model O mouse. However, even today, the Model O is recognized as one of the best, if not the best, ultra-light mouse that can be bought for your money. The good news is that probably two more mice will be released after Model D: Model I and Model N, whose series will consist of the word Odin - the Scandinavian god who is used in Glorious logo.

Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse

At the price of €60, the Model D is a attractive choice for those looking for a mouse in the price category where you can compete in the Cooler Master MM710, Steelseries 310 and, if you're lucky enough to find a discount, Razer DeathAdder V2. But looking at these mice makes it quite obvious that Glorious is on the next level - better quality, more presentable and luxurious mice, which is like throwing down the gauntlet agaisnst other manufacturers.

Connection and software

The mouse is wired to the computer by a 2.0-meter-long cable ending with a gold-plated USB connector with a yellow Glorious color accent. The wire is braided, easily gliding on the table surface, extremely flexible and light, with the mouse barely noticeable.

The mouse operates as soon as you connect it to the computer, you can choose between four DPI settings (400 - 800 - 1600 - 3200), lighting - a wave of changing colors called "Glorious Mode".

The software is downloaded from the web page, the settings are saved in the mouse itself, so the program does not need to always operate in the background. The user interface itself is user-friendly and simple, all features are found in one place. Both saving in the mouse and the software not having many difficult-to-operate sections are small but very pleasant little things that make using the mouse more convenient.

Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse Software


Model D, like the Model O, has four different types - black and white, matte and glossy. Of course, fingerprints leave on shiny surfaces easily, but because of the holes on the surface of the mouse they are not so visible and do not attract one‘s attention. The mouse on the left side has two additional buttons that come in handy in shooter games. The buttons are positioned quite high, the thumb while using the mouse to lies under them, so no risk of pressing them accidentaly. The buttons themselves are large, but not too long, press easily. The click itself - sudden, soft, ear-pleasing sound, not particularly hard to press; quite minimal pre-travel and long post-travel which is common for such design buttons.

Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse with Omron switches

Like the Model O, Model D key buttons have Omron switches that guarantee a long life span and high-quality mouse experience. The mouse buttons are separated from the hardware, but at the back of the press it is heavy - though that's not an unexpected thing with such split-button design. The sound of the click is high, rather loud, click itself is quite sensitive, but not so much as to make it unpleasant to press; a bit of pre-travel and very less of post-travel which makes the clicks don't feel mushy.

The skates at the bottom of the mouse are small, arranged in the corners of the mouse and white - because they are made of pure PTFE material. The mouse package includes two additional large slides, which, along with the already glued one, will take almost half the area of the bottom half of the mouse. The skates are thick, so you should not wear out quickly, and if this happens - you can buy them separately.

Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse PTFE skates

The plastic body of the mouse (even the bottom) has a pattern of hexagon holes, allowing for further weight reduction. And the cavities in the body of the mouse prevents your hands from sweating on warmer days, thus causing no problems to the user in case the mouse gets slippery in one‘s palm. The cavities are slightly larger with sharper edges compared to the Model O, but that's barely noticable.

For those who are concerned about dust that might accumulate inside the mouse and damage PCBs, the internal components are covered with a protective layer that protects against external factors, and the inside of the mouse can be cleaned using can of compressed air.

Ease of use

The mouse's right-handed shape is similar to that of other mice of this type - Razer Deathadder or Logitech G403. Model D from Model O differs in height - this is determined by the style of grip of ambidexterous mice, which is characterized by small corrections, performed only with fingers, without moving the wrist; meanwhile, "one-sided" mice are usually held in the palm of the hand firmly and moved together with the wrist or the whole hand. So for those who are accustomed to ergonomic forms of right-handed mice, Model D will perfect to use - the mouse kindly rests in the palm of the hand - both large and medium or even small.

Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse ergonomic shape

The mouse sensor – Pixart 3360. 12000DPI, which does not restrict and allows you to choose the desired, extremely high acceleration, so even the sharpest movements are captured correctly. There is no problem with mouse movement, the cursor or the pointer moves evenly without getting stuck. The mouse is mainly designed for shooters, where accuracy and reaction time determine the outcome of the fight - and the mouse perfectly fulfills this purpose: light, well fitting in one‘s hand and with satisfying clicks - a real embodiment of the player's dream.

Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse

The wheel of the mouse - in the middle between "player" and "office": rotates easily, has a quite soft feedback, which, not so as Cooler Master MM710, is not so particularly sudden; more - a little soft, palpable, causing no problems with the mouse  being used for a longer period of time.

Using the mouse is pleasant, not tiring. Its light weight reduces the fatigue of the hand when working or playing for a longer period of time, the buttons are pleasant to press.

Conclusions and verdict 

At a price of 60 euros, the Glorious Model D is one of the best, if not the best, for players looking for an ergonomic mouse. Low weight, quality PTFE slides, convenient software and high quality internal components all guarantee a pleasant experience of use. Model D ensures that the hardware is no longer interfering with the play and allows you to unleash the available potential. The mouse is focused on the players of the shooters, but it will be perfect for anyone looking for a pleasant mouse to facilitate the workflow and provide a smoother experience.

Glorious Model D and Model O Gaming Mice side by side comparison
Model D and Model O side by side