Cooler Master MM710 Review

Cooler Master - a manufacturer of computer components and peripherals known for its cheap yet efficient coolers, wide range of cases and reliable PSUs. Unfortunately, peripherals of Cooler Master usually weren't getting attention they needed. But within last years Cooler Master began to gain popularity by choosing a bit unusual way - not following paths of other brands, creating unusual designs, listening to feedback and keeping the prices low.

In last years popularity of ultraweight mice has greatly increased, more and more attention is being paid for weight of mice. It's becoming important part of marketing, reason to choose one mouse over another or just flex in conversations. Sadly, lighter doesn't mean cheaper and most of ultralight mice cost more that their heavier siblings.

That's a reason why Cooler Master MM710 ultralight gaming mouse is like a fresh air - it weights only 53 grams, costs only about 50 euros, has one of the best sensors, high quality switches and eye-catching design that just can't be considered as boring. So there's only one question - is the mouse, so cheap and so good in spreadsheet, worth the money?


At this price point (from 50 to 60 euros) MM710 can be classified as budget-medium range mouse. So it's no suprise that packaging is not premium yet not cheap. Small purple-ish box with main features written on it. No bells and whistles, no glossy images. But nothing that would make potential buyer consider choosing other mouse.

In the box - three sections. One for mouse itself (it's packed in additional bag to protect from scratches), one for cable and one for spare skates (even in most expensive mice packages you can't find these - nice touch from Cooler Master).

Setting up

Mouse connects to computer via 1.8 meter length USB cable. It's braided, has almost enourmously low friction and is very light - while using mouse it's easy even to forget about it due to lack of cable drag.

Mouse works fine without software, it has 7 built-in DPI profiles. Software can be downloaded from products page in "Downloads" section. Installation (at least, for me) was hassle-free and caused any trouble.


MM710 is an an ambidextrious-shaped mouse so it would be logical that it suits right and left-handed users. It would... but it is not. Thumbs buttons are only on left side of the mouse - that means the mouse is made only for right-handed users.

This wasted chance of reacing left-handed users allows to reach so small weight of the mouse and gives a question to think of - are those few grams worth whole community of left-handed mice users? There's no right answer but it makes think how important weight of the mouse is.

MM710 is made out of plastic. Almost all the surfaces have hexagon-holes pattern that allows to reduce amount of material used as well as helps keep hand cool during hot summer days. Some users might find hole-ish design unatracttive but that's the price for low weight.

Mouse comes in white and black colors, glossy and matte finishes. Glossy ones obviously easily get covered in fingerprints but due to holes pattern they almost disappear and don't look unatracttive.

Mouse skates are very smooth and don’t cause any trouble while rapidly dragging mouse on a mousepad. They are white so after some usage don't look as "scratchy" as black ones do. And if there's a need, you can always change them with additional ones that were included in the package.


MM710 mouse features split-button design which, unfortunately, doesn't allow easily click buttons on their back part. It's possible but not easy due to internal frame of the mouse. Left and right buttons have pleasing click sound, are responsible, do not wiggle.

Wheel of mouse is rubberized, has diagonal pattern that assembles finger used to scroll movement. Wheel spins easily, has quite loud and clicky resistance that makes it perfect for gaming but causes some issues while reading long documents - finger gets tired quickly but after a while hand gets used to different than usual scroll.

Side buttons are small and tiny. While they're okay size for working with programs they can cause some serious delay in gaming due to their placement and shape of mouse. Buttons are at the same level as sides of the mouse and thumb has to travel pretty long distance to click them.


MM710 uses Cooler Master Portal software that allows re-assign buttons, create macros, adjust DPI profiles, polling rate, angle snapping and other performance-impactful settings. All the settings are saved in internal memory of the mouse so after setting mouse up there's no need to have software running in background.


MM710 features PixArt3389 sensor which is more than enough for most users. 400ips tracking and 50g acceleration eliminates stuttering of a cursor and allows to forget about issues related to mouse movement.

The resistance of the mouse wheel bothers fingers over time – especially when scrolling through documents. To avoid fatigue fingers have to be changed constantly – that’s not a big problem but requires some attention.

Mouse is small, mostly suited for users with smaller hands or ones who use finger or claw grip. As mentioned before, main buttons aren’t truly “split design” – that can cause some issues for finger grippers. But if shape of the mouse is comfortable it will be only pleasure to use it – light, smoothly gliding mouse makes using the computer litterally “lighter” activity.

Compared to other mice

Glorious Model O
MM710 is very similar to Model O. They’re both ultralight mice featuring honeycomb pattern although MM710 is lighter due to its smaller shape. Model O features worse sensor but is suited for those with larger hands even MM710 causes no problems for them too.

Razer Viper

Viper is better than MM710 due to higher build quality, higher button count and more comfortable shape. However, MM710 is lighter and features better sensor although most people won’t get use of it.

Bottom line

At the price of 53€ Cooler Master MM710 is an attractive option for those who don’t want to break a bank and get an ultralight mouse.

Flawless software, low weight, comfortable shape and highest tier internals makes this mouse one of the best gaming mice you can get especially when looking for ultralight one. Of course, some people might honeycomb design unattractive but that’s the price for those 53g.