Cooler Master MH752 Review

Gaming headphones are not only suitable for games. If they have a 3.5mm connector, good sound quality and are not huge, such headphones will be perfect for daily use. However, frequent gaming headphones are bright, game-style, with LED lighting or a built-in microphone - all of which discourage the desire to use the headset as daily headphones. Cooler Master MH751 and MH752 - a great example of the possible creation of headphones that are suitable for both games and daily use. It has light weight, comfortable, neutral and compact design and is one of the best choices for updating your headphones.

Cooler Master MH751 MH752 gaming headset

Privalumai  Trūkumai
Minimalist, versatile design Plastic construction
High quality microphone Lack of noise cancelling on microphone
Very light Some users will need EQ to suit their taste
High fidelity sound and flat sound profile Low quality materials of USB adapter

Difference between MH751 and MH752

The MH751 comes with a 1.5m long cable with an audio control wheel and a microphone mute on/off button and a 0.3m hub for the computer. Meanwhile, MH752 has a cable of the same length (without an adjustment wheel) that is inserted into an adapter that connects to your computer via a USB connector. The headphones themselves are identical, only the way of connecting to the computer differs. Two headphones can be used with your phone. MH752 is a better option for a computer with a lower sound card or console because the sound would be amplified on the USB adapter.

MH752 is an updated version of the Takstar Pro 82 studio headset, which has been equipped with a microphone, a low frequency adjustment lever has been removed and the connector has a modified version - MH752 has a standard 3.5mm jack, while the Pro 82 has a much rarer 2.5mm connector. This model was considered to be an excellent choice for those looking for quality audio headphones at a low price, as they would be comfortable and light.


Headphone earpads and a headband made of plastic covered with a matte rubber-like coating. The "core" of the headband is made of flexible, thin metal. When wearing headphones and putting them on, you don't hear any noises, so they make them feel like a luxury that overcomes the price. The padding on the headband is two-sided, non-thick, but since the headphones are extremely light, it does not press the occipital.

Cooler Master MH751 MH752 gaming headset earcups

Headphone earpads are extremely compact and thin, in complete opposite to many of the most singular gaming headphones. For example, when wearing a coat with a high collar, the scoops do not rub into it and do not emit disturbing noise. Artificial skin on cushions - soft, smootht, pleasant for the skin. Heat around the ears does not accumulate very much and  does not bother.

MH752 holds firmly on the head, does not try to fall down while leaning and does not slip on the head while going faster. However, despite the fact that the headphones steadily stick on the head, the earpads and headband do not press the head, even after a long session of games there is no discomfort.

Cooler Master MH751 MH752 gaming headset earcups

On the cord of MH751there is a small sleek panel with a two-sided sound adjustment wheel and a lever that allows the microphone to shut down. The only drawback - the remote controle is quite far away on the cord from the headphones, so it often gets harder to grasp it.

MH752 is not controlled by the wheel, but by pressing individual buttons on the keypad. One click replaces the sound with two increments (out of a hundred), so the volume adjusts quite slowly. The keypad also has a 7.1 surrounding sound button (it will be discussed later), microphone mute on/off lever and volume control buttons. The remote controle is light, made of cheap plastic, does not give a pleasant impression; buttons press quite hard, occasionally wobble . If you don't like the remote, the headset can be connected directly to your computer (after all, they have a 3.5mm connector), but then you'll have to adjust the volume either through Windows itself or keyboard combinations.

Cooler Master MH751 MH752 gaming headset detachable cable

All headphones can be connected to the phone with a 3.5mm braided cable with a fairly wide connector - if the phone is in a thicker case, the cord will not fully interfere with the socket; you'll either have to remove the phone case or buy a more stop-and-drop analog audio cable. Unexpectedly pleasant trifle - the cord is very flexible, even after you have just removed the twisted it from the box has no shape or formed deflections.

Generally speaking, the MH752 headphones are incredibly comfortable and versatile - a compact, neutral, minimalistic design that allows the headset to be used not only at your computer, but also on a daily commute or for a walk.


The good features of the headphones do not end with convenience and lightness; sound is another feature that distinguishes MH752 from other gaming headsets on the market. The sound profile is smooth and even at all frequencies,well- balanced; the sound as expected from studio headphones - neutral.

Cooler Master MH751 MH752 gaming headset

Low frequencies - clear, clean and weaker than many gaming headphones; has a pleasant, but not particularly strong resonance, which, unlike in the "lusty" headphones, does not turn into a vibration passing through the head. So those who get used to strong low frequencies may find these headphones too weak, but that's certainly not the case. If desired, you can strengthen them using the equalizer in Cooler Master software (MH752 only!).

Middle frequencies - do not obscure low sounds, creating depth in the sound. Also neutral, non-aggressive and pleasant to listen. There is a lack of sound space, but this is perfectly understandable, as MH752 is a closed type of headset and can't match open headphones in any way.

High frequencies - evenly strong, unpressed, sounding clear and clean, perfectly conveying sound. Again, a wider sound is prefered, but MH752 sounds are more spacious than almost all gaming headphones on the market.

7.1 surround sound is only available in MH752 headphones and the button on the keypad is red-lit when switched on it. The effect is strong, the directions of the revealing sound are clear; however, the sound quality suffers quite significantly - unpleasant mockness appears, the sound becomes exaggeratedly strong, there are no more subtle sounds. In my opinion, it'd be better to use the built-in Windows Sonic surround sound on a USB adapter, which won't distort the sound.

The headset microphone is unexpectedly good. The voice sounds natural and not supressed because the microphone does not filter or comrpess the incoming signal at all. On the one hand, it allows voice to sound natural, but the microphone also captures ambient noise - the clacks of the keyboard, the rumbling of the machines running outside the window. The microphone doesn't have a pop-filter, so more p-ish and breathing sounds can also disturb interlocutors. Although streamers might look for the separate microphone, however, the MH752 microphone will be perfect for daily use of Discord and conversations with team members.


Cooler Master MH752 headsets may not be as popular as the HyperX Cloud series, but offer extremely attractive features that allow these headsets to be named as the best wired gaming headsets up to 100€: ultra-comfortable, lightweight, clean and smooth sound, versatile, minimalist design and quality microphone allow you to recommend these headphones to each player.

Cooler Master MH751 MH752 gaming headset