Cooler Master MH600 Review

Cooler Master MH600 series headphones are comfortable and simply designed, suitable for being used both in the player's room and in the office. Their possibility  to be used with the phone enhances their flexibility to use them every day. Although it has some minor drawbacks, these headphones are considered to be one of the best choices for wireless headphones with good microphone and sound quality.

Cooler Master MH630 MH650 MNH670 Gaming Headset

Privalumai  Trūkumai
Long-running battery  Tight fit
Simple design Sometimes too quiet
Convenient controls scheme Sound profile might fit not for everyone
Surprisingly good quality microphone 

MH750 series  headset has shown that Cooler Master is able to create high-quality headphones that offers an attractive value for money. MH600 - the latest headset series with the first Cooler Master wireless gaming headsets - MH670. The full series headphones (MH630/650/670) share many common features. So while this review is more dedicated to MH670, many things will suit other headphones (and if something is different, it will be mentioned).

Design and comfort 

All headphones share the same design with different accents place on the ear cups. MH630 - purple, MH650 - bright, eye-catching bright adjustable RGB LED elements, and MH670 does not have any bright colorful accent. Ear cups and headest are made of plastic. The headband is made of flexible metal, and the plastic itself is extremely flexible, allowing the headphones to bend more than 90°. At first, this may be a question of the durability of the headphones, but in the long run it causes no frustration , and with time the headphones didn't start squeaking nor showed any signs of cracks.

The earcups are not small, also they do not look too big.  The cusions are soft and big. The plastic that covers the speaker has an additional paddling layer that prevents the headset from directly pressing the ears if it touches the inside of the headphones. The padding on the headset is large, pleasantly solid.

Cooler Master MH630 MH650 MNH670 Gaming Headset

The MH630 and MH650 cushions on the ear cups and headset are made out of fabric and collects dirt quite quickly. They can be removed and washed, but there is still a lack of additional leatherette pads or the possibility to purchase them separately. In turn, MH670 has letherette cushion pads - much more common in gaming headphones. Although they lead to some kind of accumulation of heat around the ears, they are much easier to maintain - it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth. Different cushion material also affects the sound of the headphones.

In all headphones, the control buttons are placed on the ear cups - it's much more convenient than the so often found control panel on the cord (e.g. Razer Kraken). It is always known where the wheel is to adjust the volume or the microphone mute button - also, the volume wheel can not unintentionally be rotated while rubbing onto clothes.

The headphones fit steadily on your head, do not fall down while leaning. Perhaps in the first days the pressure on the sides of the head is a little too strong, but quite quickly it "loosens" and no longer causes discomfort. It's not easy to get used to the flexibility of the headset - every time the headset is taken into your hands for a short moment, it may seem that they have broken. The ear cups rotate 90° to one side - convenient for both the headphones on the neck (do not interfere with the cheeks), when they lie on the table (stability), and when traveling - the headphones take up less space.

All headphones can be wired to your phone with a 3.5mm supplied braided cable or using the supplied 90° USB-USB Type C adapter, which allows MH670 to connect to your phone wirelessly. It was noticed that  the 2.4Ghz adapter, together with the "angular" adapter, is quite long and can protrude from beyond the edge of the phone. But it's rare every time you walk out of the house with headphones pulled from the computer's tip USB adapter. As for the cord - its connection is quite thick and if the phone is in a thicker case, the cord will not fully plugs in  the socket; so you'll either have to remove the phone case or buy a more flexible analog audio cable.

Generally speaking, the MH600 series headphones are comfortable and versatile – they come with support for mobile devices to be used both in the player's room and the office. Simple design, soft cushion pads and controls on the ear cups ensure that the headset is easy to use even in long run.


The sound of the headphones due to the fabric cushions is slightly different from that of MH670. The sound of both headphones is good and clear. Low frequencies - extremely strong, thus seeking to compensate for the part that "escapes" through the fabric cushions; sound is almost too strong, close to the limit of overshadowing other frequencies. Middle frequencies - clean, clear. High frequencies - I think their lack is due to both the dominance of the fabric pads and prevailing of low frequency sounds. However, the overall sound of headphones is not bad, it allows you to enjoy games or movies without greater frustration.

Cooler Master MH630 MH650 MNH670 Gaming Headset

The sound of MH670 is more closed. There's also a lot of low-pitch audio frequencies that overcome the rest of the sound. However, both by using Cooler Master software or the equalizer in Windows Control Panel. The photo shows its settings, by the help of which music and games sounded much better and clearer.

MH670 EQ settings

7.1 surround sound is only available on MH650 and MH670 headphones. It's strong, the sound directions are clear. Of course, the sound quality is lost, but when playing shooting games, this headphone mode really makes it easier to settle in your surrounding and direct the weapon where the enemy is heard. By the way, the software allows you to adjust the configuration of 7.1 by adjusting the position of the "speakers".

The microphones of all the headphones are not bad - the voice sounds pleasantly and naturally to ear. The background noise is also well filtered out - although the keyboard's rattling may be heard, but people in the other room or cars driving outside the window won't interfere the speakers. The microphones do not have a physical filter, so sometimes both breathing and consonants are heard. Nevertheless, the microphones of all three headphones (even wireless MH670) transmit voices very naturally and accurately, without distortion. Streamers  may need  separate microphones, but the headset will definitely fit for daily use of Discord and for conversations with team members.

Battery life (MH670)

MH670 battery allows headphones to be used for about 20 hours - even more expensive wireless headphones often don't exceed this limit. The only disadvantage is the headset charging via micro USB hub which is becoming increasingly rare and has been changed to Type-C. In the meantime, however, they can only be found in more expensive headphones - the Corsair Virtuoso or Logitech G733, which cost over €150 Euros.


Cooler Master MH600 series is one of the best choices for those looking for good value for money. The headphones in the series will suit everyone's needs. MH630 is an inexpensive headset for a computer and a phone-seeking start-up player who wants a quality product that will serve for years. Simple comfortable design, 3.5mm connector, detachable  good microphone, stereo sound - a set of features for those who don‘t want to spend a lot and do not want to be disappointed in quality.

Cooler Master MH630 MH650 MNH670 Gaming Headset

MH630 - for good price and quality ratio seeking beginner players who are willing to invest in product that will serve for a couple years. Simple plain design, 3.5mm jack, detachable mic - combination of features for those who want something cheap yet good.

MH650 - will suit the player keen on RGB type and playing shooting games: 7.1 surround sound makes it easier to settle in to the ever-changing battlefield.

MH670 – for the willing player who seeks to get rid of the wires and who does not want to lose sound and microphone quality. Quality sound, microphone that does not distort your voice, ability to be used with mobile devices, both with cable and wireless connectivity - all of this allows MH670 to be called  as one of the best choices for wireless headphones.


Razer Kraken Xa less comfortable design and inferior sound quality offering an alternative to MH630. 

Razer Blackshark V2 - not as durable construction but otherwise really good headphones with fairly flat sound profile and good microphone.

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