Cooler Master Caliber R1 Review

Cooler Master Caliber R1 gaming chair

Cooler Master Caliber R1 gaming chair offers good value for money and ensures that even after long hours of working while sitting, the body will not get tired. Although not a high-end product, Caliber R1 will serve for years and perfectly fulfill its purpose - to guarantee a comfortable sitting that doesn‘t make you tired.

Pros Cons
Simple design Quite narrow
No rarely used features Unavoidable color accents
Comfortable Plastic-ish construction

Assembly of the chair

The Caliber R1 comes in a large and heavy box weighing 24 kg. Assembling a chair using the attached pentagon key takes about 30 minutes, depending on whether it is collected by one or more people. The most complex and challinging part is the backrest part attachment to the seat: it is difficult to hold the backrest with one hand, trying to insert and screw with the other hand, while the backrest tries to fall down. At this stage of the assembly, we highly recommend that you invite another person to help, who will also be able to help raise the chair on the cable axis a little later - it is not difficult, but keeping a whole 15kg in your hands is not easy to lift and put on a pair of centimeters of the carnage blade. However, the general assembly of the chair was not particularly difficult or the task requiring special skills - you just have to follow the instructions and not be afraid to ask for help when you need more than two hands.


Like many cheaper gaming chairs, the Caliber R1 is covered with matte non-coarse PU faux leather. The advantages of such a material are low production costs and the ability to clean it easily after getting dirty. There are some disadvantages - thermal insulation: faux leather the heat really well and often sitting in chairs made of such material after a couple of hours the parts of the body that come into contact with the chair begin heating up. The solution is to stand up and take a break until the chair cools down, but it's really annoying and disrupting the course of the job (or game).

Cooler Master Caliber R1 gaming chair

Four models of chairs are available - black, purple, red and blue. Each color is used as an accent on the front side of backrest and cushions (the only purple pattern does not have colored accents on cushions, which are completely black). The accents are not particularly "playerish", give the chair an attractive  appearance, but also does not give a cheesy, cheap and gamerish look. The chair looks simple, as part of the workplace, not its center.

For those who do not care about any particular color and want to keep everything simple, but are afraid that white accents on the chair will eventually get dirty, lose color or otherwise will lose its aesthetic look - we dare say that this will not happen. The chairs seen in the photos have been used for 11 months every day for 8~10 hours and the white accents look like new ones – did not become darker or got any color tint.

Cooler Master Caliber R1 gaming chair close shot

The armrests are simple, they can only be lifted up and down. The mechanism is simple, but reliable, so the armrests are stable, not wobbling too much. The armrests are made of quite rigid material, which is soft enough to prevent the long-length elbows from hurting.

Another possibility of adjusting the chair is the ascent of its seat from the floor. The Caliber R1 has a standard Class 4 gas lift in office chairs, which ensures that the chair does not lose stiffness over time and does not start lowering down on itself.

It is also possible to adjust the angle of the backrest- from completely forward to backwards positions. The mechanism is silent, not braving, even after many months, it works as smoothly as on the first day. The angle of inclination can be changed every 4.5° (in total - 20 steps), which is absolutely sufficient to adjust each back. But if you think that the possibility of adjusting  a chair at 180° is something that will come in handy while sitting (or lying down), we can immediately tell you - it will be useful only in the first days until the joy of a new purchase does not fade. And later, if you want to lie down, a much more comfortable and more suitable sofa or bed will be choosen

Cooler Master Caliber R1 gaming chair

Caliber R1 also has a swing option - the entire chair can bend back to 12° when the lever is released. The resistance is adjusted using the wheel at the bottom of the chair. It is not known whether the swing will be desired by everyone, but such an opportunity exists and gives a really pleasant and risk-free swing experience.

Chair base - solid, durable plastic, with studded texture inserts at the ends. If  bored, it is really nice to swipe your foot through them - like a simple yet pleasant massage for feet. Casters - 6 cm in diameter, plastic. They are not something special, but they rotate evenly, do not get stuck, the floor does not scratch too much - like other parts of the chair, simple, but do their work perfectly.

Cooler Master Caliber R1 gaming chair plastic frame

The Caliber R1 design is simple and not very expressive, suitable for both the player's room and the more serious workplace. The parts of the chair are not complex, but simple - and although can be considered as disadvantage, but a smaller amount of simpler mechanisms means less frequent breakage and longer service life.

User experience

Just a trifle, but really important - the chair weighs 21.5kg, so if it stands in a room lined with linoleum, after a while the floor will be a little "minced" and how much it stands, because each of the five wheels will always press the floor at least 4kg in weight - one of the solutions to avoid damaged floors would be a carpet under it.

One of the things that applies to all chairs - each of us is different, so a chair suitable for one can be absolutely uncomfortable for the other. This should be taken into consideration and, if there is a possibility, before buying test a chair in person.

Cooler Master Caliber R1 gaming chair

Cooler Master recommends a Caliber R1 chair for people with a height of 150-180cm, but it certainly fits for taller people - so that, for example, a person 190cm tall will sit comfortably on this chair and will not feel discomfort even after long work while sitting. The width of the seat should be of greater concern - it reaches 37cm, which can be enough for everyone. The same applies to the backrest - the width of the place on which the back rests ranges from 30 to 35cm, which may also be too small for the wider back user. Wider chairs should be drawn to the attention of those looking for DXRacer Iron Series chair.

The height of the seat of the chair from the floor is adjustable - from 45 to 53cm. Such a course is absolutely enough, so that both the feet of a low and high person do not hurt while sitting longer. The chair does not descend on its own, it holds as it was set.

The cushions for back and head support - small, but comfortable. The head cushion can be removed in the presence of a padding inside the head, thereby reducing the rigidity and allowing the head to lean back more. Meanwhile, inside the back pad there is a solid piece of material, the amount of which can be reduced unless you cut off part of the material with the blade. But over time, that material compresses and adapts more to the shape of the back. In general, cushions are comfortable, quite quickly taking shape, which is most convenient. As for the taller people - the head cushion will not rest on the back of the head, but at the top of the neck, but this should not cause discomfort.

Cooler Master Caliber R1 gaming chair head support

What was most doubtful and apprehensive before you sat on the chair faux leather, which is considered an well heat-insulating substance, causing discomfort over time. However, the Caliber R1 material in places where the body comes into contact with the skin has small holes, for which the manufacturer calls the material "breathable PU leather". It is not known how much it actually helps, but the chair really unexpectedly weakly isolates the heat. Even on hot summers (when the air warmed up to 30°C outside), sitting on a chair was really bearable, there was no need to stand up and a good 10-minute break for the chair to cool down. Of course, the PU leather of the chair does not equate to a fabric surface or genuine leather, but at a price it offers a really pleasant sitting.

Under a PU leather – there is neither a thin, nor a thick sponge padding. Both the seating and the back rest are supported by elastic bands, not the hard frame, which is pushed to the sides of the chair, so even with a very pressing surface on which the body rests, the fingers do not rest on hard metal or plastic. The sponge padding is rather steady, not too soft, its content is an example of excellent balance between softness and hardness.

Sitting on a Caliber R1 chair is pleasant, not tiring and non-heating. An important detail - the width of the chair can be too small for some people. But everything else in this chair is really comfortable and perfect - pleasant, but not troublesome softness, the ability to swing, faux leather with thermal conductivity and small but comfortable cushions.


Cooler Master Caliber R1 is a budget price category chair that does not offer sophisticated or complex features, but focuses more on simple functionality that will meet the needs of many users. The PU's faux leather with thermal conductivity, not particularly creaking mechanisms, a layer of comfortable but effortlessly thick sponge padding and a simple, not too much gamerish design make this chair a great choice for those looking for a chair that will be used both while working and playing.

Cooler Master Caliber R1 gaming chair