Xbox Series X or PS5?

The new generation consoles have just appeared, which have finally exceeded the 60-frame limit, received ray tracing and much shorter gaming load times guaranteeing SSD drives. Both consoles are powerful, attractive to immerse into the world of new games for a  player, cost the same, but have different strengths and weaknesses. The upcoming festive period is an opportunity for many to upgrade their gaming equipment, and this year is a very appropriate occasion - so the question remains which console to choose?


Games storage

As for the technical specifications,  consoles are more or less similar, the difference between them is minimal. The most important difference in technical details - the capacity of the console, the place to save the games and the ability to expand it.

PS5 SSD drive

The PS5 has an ultra-fast 825GB SSD drive, of which 667GB is available to store games, which will surely fill with new games pretty quickly - Call Of Duty alone: Black Ops will take 135GB, so one other bigger game and console will be filled. The console has an M.2 NVMe SSD drive slot, but Sony reports that access to the socket will be disabled so far, so there is no need to buy an additional SSD so far. And they will not need any - the SSD will have to be super-fast (PCIe Gen4 standard) and at current market prices 1TB such memory costs about 220€.

What concerns the Xbox Series X, it has a 1TB-capacity fast SSD drive, of which 802GB - 195GB more than the PS5 is available. Still, there is not much space and Microsoft's solution is a little different - memory cards sold specifically for Xbox Series X and S (reminds of the old PlayStation 2), which in their properties will be identical to the SSD on the console itself. More than €200 per 1TB media doesn't sound like a particularly good deal, but only at first glance: even the cheapest 1TB PCIe NVMe Gen4 drive, which will be required for PS5 console, costs at least €200, so the expansion of Xbox Space for games won't cost significantly more. Microsoft has also disclosed that there will be more ways to expand memory in the future, so it is possible that the cost of improvement will be equivalent to the PS5.

Xbox Series X Expansion SSD

In addition to ultra-fast SSD drives, the console allows you to expand memory using an external HDD or SSD drive. The two consoles have slightly different use of external memory:

Playstation 5 - On the external drive, only greyhound ps4 console games can be saved and played from it. So far, it is not even possible to store PS5 games on the external media (and to play them to the console's SSD disc), but Sony promises that they will try to provide this opportunity in the future.

Xbox Series X/S - On an external drive, you can store both the greyed Xbox One console (and customized Series X) and Xbox Series X games. Play - only Xbox One games, new games need to be transferred to an SSD drive.

In terms of gaming storage, as winners do not come out of one console: the Xbox Series X has almost all 200GB more memory than the PS5, but the Sony console will have a future low-cost way to expand memory. For external drives, the winner is Xbox, which, on the contrary, allows you to store all - both old and new generation - games on an external drive, and PS5 users will have to hope that Sony will find a way to save all games on an external drive. So it could be said yes - so far the Xbox Series X is defeating the PS5, but in the future Sony console could take this crown from Xbox.



Both consoles have several series of games that are designed exclusively for them. Thus, the choice between consoles can also be determined by the desire to play one or another games. The PS5 console appeared alongside a truly impressive-looking Spider-Man:Miles Morales, returning to Demon's Souls, playful Astro's PLayroom and other games. Sony also confidently promises that the new console will work with all PS4 games, so all the exclusives of the former generation are nowhere to disappear - Uncharted, Last Of Us and others.

Spider Man Miles Morales PS5 gameplay

For its part, the Xbox Series X did not receive games that appeared with the release of the console. Instead, Microsoft optimized (rather than using automated algorithms like Sony) 30 Xbox One games for the new console (Gears 5, Forza Horzon 4, etc.). However, Xbox has one trump card for which Sony has no alternatives yet - it's the Xbox Games Pass that allows access for a monthly fee of €15 Euros to the game library which is constantly growing, storing 493 games at the moment which could be played using PC or mobile telephones ( cloud gaming).

The Xbox Series X offers a more versatile selection of games that will be suitable for those playing not only on the console, but also with a game PC. But Xbox doesn't yet have any exclusive ones- they will only appear next year. For its part, the PS5 immediately has attractive games, but it lacks so much offering monthly subscriptions and opportunities to play beyond the console. So in terms of gaming, Xbox is more versatile (if you're also got a game PC at home, the Xbox Game Pass won't mix), but it's a bit of a patience to be asked for, and the PS5 is an immediate choice for the latest generation of games to enjoy.

Practical tips

Both consoles have small trifles that have not been  mentioned in the advertisements, but they can be, on the one hand,  very annoying , but, on the other hand, cheer up.

  • The sides of the PS5 console have rough white textures - so it is likely that dirt will gather on them. The black part in the center - glossy, dust accumulating and fingerprint "catching" plastic.
  • The PS5 is a really large console - 40×26×10cm, so this size and futuristic design (with a look and drop in the blue LED lighting!) really makes it special in the room environment.Athough, as for the  plans for a "more modest" version of the console have not yet been heard.
  • Both the Xbox Series X and the PS4 may be laid, but so Xbox will be taller than the PS5 - its dimensions 30×15×15cm. But thanks to the neutral and "boring" design, Xbox will match many websites.

Last Gen consoles

  •  The Xbox Series X remote requires AA batteries or a battery (options can be found that allow it to charge even during the game), and DualSense has an integrated battery that is charged via a USB Type C slot. The difference - DualSense works for up to 13 hours, but this time decreases very rapidly to up to 7 hours if you use haptic feedback during play. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X remote with a single battery kit lasts up to 40 hours - and the remote can be immediately replaced by a loaded pair with the help of "dead" to charge.
  •  If you don't think that in a couple of years there will be a desire to enter the jungle of computer technology, in stores to look for the right drive, disassemble the console and put it to expand memory - then Xbox will fit much more: it has more space, so it will take longer, and its extension will be limited to buying a specific card and plugging it into the slot outside the console.
  •  Only Xbox has the Quick Resume feature - for example, you play Witcher 3, friends invite a connected pair of COD: Warzone rounds, after which you immediately continue the witcher's halfway quest. The PS5 console would have to restart the game, and the quest to do so from the beginning..
  • It hasn't been finally tested yet, but the console seems to follow the phrase that would the previous generation say  "with the Playstation it will work , and with the Xbox, probably not," which describes the compatibility of the headset with consoles. But if played the TV and  its speakers will be used- then there will be no such problem.


So.. There is no unambiguously correct answer to the question - Xbox Series X or PS5. However, there are questions to answer before buying one console or another: how many games will be played? How often will you want to update the library of existing games in the console? Will there be a determination to expand memory in the future? Do you want the controller's batteries to be enough for half a month's games or half a week? Will you also want to play games through other platforms (e.g. a stationary PC - a noteworthy Xbox Game Pass)? Are there any specific exclusive games you want to play?

Xbox Series X and Series S consoles

And what you can say now - Xbox is a safe and quite neutral option, which will be perfect for those looking for a console to play games in the evenings, and with a desire - and a PC. The PS5 is a slightly more "enthusiastic" console - a better (but much shorter) controller, a mind-blowing striking design, the ability to modify the look of the console by personalizing it, almost adding a disc of any size in the future. Both variants are just the beginning of a new generation of games, so in the end it does not matter what you choose - in the near future we have a lot of wonderful games ahead of us, and the new consoles will be a great way to play them!