Valorant Beta Early Access

Recently, the eagerly awaited closed trial of the Riot Games studio game Valorant (under the  Project A codename) has aroused an unprecedented interest among agmers‘ communities: the game has almost reached a viewing record Twitch on the streaming platform (1.7 million viewers, and after all, not even the final version of the game), it sparked a lot of discussion about the future of the current e-sport games and, simply, excites curiosity – after all, the new game is always interesting. So, what's the game that has run off the roof of the Battle Royale games for the starting players community?

Game access

Game developers promise free access to the final version of the game (which will appear this summer)– the monetization model popularised by Fortnite Battle Royale seems to be more profitable than a single fee for purchasing the game. In the meantime, those who want to try the game will have to perform a "gamerish" odyssey – to watch other players' broadcasts and wait for the randomly shared game key. In this way, the game developers brought together such a great audience.

Valorant Beta Key drop on Twitch platform screenshot

The desired game key for which one has to wait for approximately 20 to 40 hours, and those who do not want to wait or spend time watching other players at Riot Games face unpleasant news – the game key is given according to the IP computer address, so buy or sell accounts... possible, but very soon the account will be blocked – the player who is so keen will probably only be able to play a few rounds. So in the meantime, those who want to try the game will have to be patient enough and travel to Twitch. Honestly,  many of the most popular broadcasters play this game, so there is a good chance that your favorite broadcaster is also in the ranks of Valorant players.

Genre | Modes | Graphics

Valorant is the first first-person shooter in the Riot Games studio, combining the benchmark Counter-Strike:Global Offensive and heroic shooters (e.g. Overwatch)features. In the meantime, players are only available from the Counter-Strike series in familiar bomb demination game mode, but the developers promise to add more different modes. With regard to the currently available mode, one can be pleased that the studio has not blindly copied Counter-Strike and has made minimal differences – as the most interesting and trouble-prone players can name three (rather than two) bomb detonation sites – Counter Strike for players accustomed to two pitches, this difference is one of the most unpleasant, because it makes it possible to change the style of play – after all, it is not possible to disperse into all the grounds , because the chances of survival will come closer to zero.

Valorant Gameplay screenshot

The game graphics – similar to Overwatch and Fortnite, photorealistic, so attractive to the players of Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare does not exists here. Since Valorant is a competitive game, the purpose of graphics is to achieve maximum non-interference for players, so that victory is determined by the player's skills or knowledge, rather than an ambush in the bushes. The game design is classified as low-poly – a minimum number of geometric shapes are used to restore objects so that the player's attention is not distracted only by visually attractive but useless details.

Similarities and differences

Like Counter-Strike, teams consist of five players, one life a round, one game consists of 25 rounds (probably, Riot Games have decided not to torture players in extremely long and tiring continuous game sessions and counter-strike the previous number is reduced by five), at the beginning of each round players buy weapons, grenades, armor and skills. The money for buying equipment comes in the same way as counter-strike: at the end of the round, eliminating the opponent or successfully detonating/demise of the bomb – the economic aspect of Valorant will not surprise new players who have experience with valve game. The weapons in the game are almost identical copies of their matches counter-strike. Names, of course, change,  look a little different, but a rare player will call weapons new names – the habit of calling the most expensive and most powerful pistol Deagle or the most powerful sniper rifle AWP is much stronger than the desire to learn fancy names.


The similarity of Valorant with hero shooters is much lower than compared to counter-strike. At the beginning of each game, the player chooses his agent (so-called heroes) during the game (e.g. during the break between rounds) the agent can no longer change (unlike Overwatch, where the hero can be replaced at an unlimited frequency of unlimited number of times). The abilities and access to them in Valorant are also different: each agent has four different abilities, the importance of which can be equated with the use of the abilities available to Apex Legends heroes in combat – the first ability is used once in the round (it can be used again in the next round), access to the second and third abilities is purchased at the beginning of the round (ability is purchased at the beginning of the round (ability, again, a one-off, but without using the ability to be retained for the next round) , and the fourth, the most powerful ability and access to it is most reminiscent of Overwatch – the ability to use the ability is obtained by eliminating opponents' players and for this by obtaining points for which sufficient ability can be used.

And now it can be said that the game more closely resembles a Counter-Strike variation with a abilities add-on that gives the game so far only a seemingly innovative look. The Counter-Strike-specific actions are still crucial in the game : careful positioning, hiding and sticking out of the cover, covering narrow aisles with fire, the need to fight in a team and foolishly not to join an open fight. While the ability to mainly accelerate the game is only accelerated by reducing the amount of passive game (however, hiding around the corner is not wise if the opponent knows where all players are), in battles, skills do not play a key role and victory is determined by the payment to use weapons (winning battles with closed eyes and hearing, as is possible in Overwatch, Valoran will not provide.


Valorant is a skills-developing and practice-gained game that, in its own demanding way, equates to the main most popular e-sport shooter games (Counter-Strike: GLobal Offensive, Overwatch), so it is very likely that Riot Games will also  consider Valorant to become one of  e-sports. There have rumours been spreading on the Internet as for the meetings of the game creators' with the larger organizers of e-sport events and it is strongly believed that the aim of these meetings  could be providing advice on turning the game into an e-sport.

It is believed that the events of e-sport of Valorant that have started to take place because of the spectators and even the players most anti-Counter Strike:Global Offensive. Why? Because the characteristics and pace of the game are much more similar to Valve's work than the Overwatch, which, by the way, e-sport events are organized by the game's creators Blizzard. And while nothing is known yet, it is already time to look forward to  the game being included into the e-sport market.

Final word

Valorant Wallpaper

Although only the original, incomplete and up-to-life version of Valorant is still available, it was enough for the players' community to understand that this is another noteworthy game that could become a new wave of popularity (as it was with Fortnite or PUBG) that will reach all areas of the gaming world. Exploiting the experience of the players Counter-Strike and the use of the skills seen by Overwatch and Apex Legends, which climbs through the frames of conventional weapons battles and changes the rules of struggle. Valorant may not offer something new or unseen, but combines the best qualities of shooters, giving players a more interesting, more peaceful experience. And there has left not much time until the game is released – in the summer of this year we should get the opportunity to add it to our gaming library.