Gaming Consoles Explained

Game consoles and their controllers are a very popular and recognizable symbol of all games. However, not only the symbol, but also the consoles themselves are popular – they are played by both primary pupils and solid entrepreneurs. Not surprisingly, because the console is one of the most attractive options for wanting to have access to the gaming world.

First of all, consoles do not take up much space, do not use a lot of electricity, do not emit strong or annoying sound and allow you to use the the TV standing in a living room and not often used.

Also, when buying a game console, you don't need to worry about technical issues that the gamers face with while playing on the PCs, like computer  compatibility issue,component compatibility, sufficient computer power for games, future replacement of spare parts, etc. Everything is simple with the console: you've bought – you've joined – you're playing.

Finally, consoles are an extremely attractive option for those who do not want to spend a lot of money (console prices range from 250 to 450 euros) or who do not want to see a huge stationary computer. Consoles are especially popular with  gamers using  laptops. A gaming laptop costs a lot and, despite fast development of technology, it is still rather huge and not mobile enough, as the battery life is not long.

The most important feature of consoles is their main and only purpose is providing entertainment (movies, game, music). They are not suitable for work, unlike computers.

Microsoft Xbox One

The Microsoft console, which appeared in 2013, replaced the exclussively popular Xbox 360 console. Three versions of the console have been released so far: the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X, currently, the first version of the console is not sold due to outdated components, only S and X versions can be purchased.

The Xbox One console can be used not only for games, but it can install online movie and serial libraries (such as Netflix), chat apps (Skype, Discord), and many other apps that turn the console into a multifunction device — not only for gaming, but also for other entertainment- it can become one of friendly digital media centers.

The console also has a number of exclusive games (the most famous and popular of them: Halo Series, Forza Horizon (this series of racing games can also be played on a computer using Microsoft app store Microsoft Store. Playstation users do not have access to this game) and Gears 5) which are not possible to play on a computer – because of these games some users purchase this console.

The console controller is extremely convenient and is considered to be one of the best controls created. Like its predecessor, the Xbox 360, the remote is wireless, powered by two of the most popular, AA-type batteries. The 3.5mm connector on the remote control also allows you to connect headphones, which lets you play without disturbing the family members and enhances surround sound in games.

The access to console games is in three ways- games can be purchased as physical discs or in digital form in an online store, or played using an Xbox Game Pass monthly subscription. In the first case, a physical game in the form of a CD is purchased in the store, which is placed in the console floppy disk drive. After the game is installed, it can be played.

When buying a game in an e-shop, the buyer's account receives an unlimited opportunity to download the game in the store. This method is superior to the purchase of a disc in that the game is purchased indefinitely, in order to install the game later, you do not need to look for the CD  and there is no need to waste time buying the game in physical form.

Monthly or annual subscriptions to game libraries operating on the Netflix principle are also becoming more popular. For monthly payments of several euros (Xbox Game Pass costs from one and a half to ten euros, depending on the seller) the player gets access to part of the games in the online store for a limited period, after which progress in games is saved, but access to the game is removed.

Sony Playstation 4

The Sony Playstation 4  (also known as the PS4 abbreviation) appeared in November 2013 and replaced the previously highly popular former PS3 console. So far three versions of the console have been released: PS4, PS4 Slim (more compact design than the first model) and PS4 Pro (the most powerful model that allows you to play games even in Ultra HD resolution – this is relevant for lovers of large TVs).

Like the Xbox One, the PS4 console is not only available for games, but also allows you to install online movie and serial libraries (such as Netflix), part of apps for mobile-only (such as GTA iFruit) and many other apps that turn the console from a narrow-purpose device into a multifunctional media hub, about which you revolve around a multi-faceted leisure run.

The console, like its competitor, has a number of exclusive games (the most famous and popular of them: Until Dawn horror game, fight game Street Fighter 5, Uncharted Series and God Of War) that do not have a computer version –some console users acquire this console because of these games. 

The console controller is convenient, not very different from the PS3 controller on its own, but has many innovations. With a slightly more convenient design and more accurate control levers, the 3.5mm headset connector (just like the Xbox One console), touch surfaces for more convenient navigation in apps, and the speaker that is used in some games as  as a secondary audio source — such as a radio or phone call.

Access to console games, like the Xbox One, is in three ways- games can be purchased in physical form, in an online store, or played using a Playstation Plus monthly subscription that works in the same way as Xbox Game Pass. There's also a fourth way– free games that, unlike Xbox, don't require a monthly subscription. Unfortunately, there are not many such  games and most of them are not impressive and often do not even deserve attention. As it often happens with games for free, only part of the content is available to the player, the rest (plug-ins, other minor  equipment, maps, etc.) becomes available only after paying the amount for which you can often buy a good and worthy game.


Nintendo Switch

In 2017, the Nintendo console is completely different from Xbox One or PS4 consoles, which are for stationary use only. The Switch can be used in two different ways: as a stationary console (connecting it to the TV) or as a portable console (this method can be equated with a game with a phone with additional controls connected on the sides).

The console also has a huge number of exclusive games (the most famous and popular of them: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild Adventure Game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighting game and the series of adventure and exploration game Super Mario Odyssey which has become classics), which are impossible to play on a computer or other console – primarily due to the rather unique console controllers and the manufacturer's reluctance to compete with other consoles.

When purchasing the console, two wireless Joy-Con controllers are added to it. They can be disconnected from the console and be used  wirelessly, allowing you to play in two or more player mode games with friends or family members(the console can connect up to 8 Joy-Con controllers at a time).

However, if you don't like the included controllers, you can buy a Pro Controller for €65, which is very similar to the popular Xbox One controller in its design and button layout.

Access to console games is again in three ways– games can be purchased in physical form, in an online store or played using Nintendo Switch Online monthly subscription. Because the console is too small to have a CD drive, the physical form of the game is cartridge. Unfortunately, this unique and interesting game format also has flaws – cartridges can be lost and the opportunity to play the game can permanently be lost. If the cassette is damaged, the game will not be possible  to play. In terms of price,the games in the cassettes are not cheap and cost more than other console games CDs. Reason? A more complex process of production of cartridges, which might be  decisive with not a very high production volume.



Console prices range from 250 to 450 Euros -this is much lower than the price of a PC suitable for games, so consoles are a better option for those who do not want to spend a lot of money. The console can also be used as a multifunctional media center, which is often not cheap either.


There is probably a TV in each home, or at least one monitorand this is enough to make use of the console. At least a little newer, a TV or a monitor often has a convenient and easily accessible menu of choices for video input sources, which allows you to use a console, such as a computer or TV set-top box without having to switch the wires.


After purchase of the console, it can be immediately connected to the screen and, after the game is installed, start playing – no tedious installation of the operating system and component drivers, installation of software periphery. And with the periphery, things are much easier – instead of looking for a convenient keyboard and the right shape, you just need to take a controller attached to the console, which performs all the necessary functions. You bought – you have connected – you are playing.



Game prices
Game prices for console games cost more than games for computers – this is due to less oligopolistic competition, the absence of modifications to games and monthly subscriptions, which, although a good alternative to buying games, can not surpass the selling prices of online stores for gaming computers.


Aging of components
The consoles are designed in such a way that the user does not have to worry about the compatibility of the components – but this leads to the removal of the possibility of changing components. Also, because of the use of the unique parts specifically created for the console, even after the console has been disassembled, there is nothing to change – because there are simply no other, better and more powerful spare parts created.

The consoles are out of date in 3-4 years and you have to buy a newer console model in order to play the latest games (e.g. if you have an Xbox One, you'll have to buy an Xbox One S); Of course, if there is no need to play the latest games this deficiency will not interfere.


It is convenient to have one controller for all games and do not worry – but due to versatility convenience give way in specific games:  the things that suits car management on the race track is not suitable for shooters. The versatile and sole model of the controller can also be messy, and there will be no possibility of replacing it. In this area, the computer game offers much more flexible options, ranging from changing the functions of buttons to many different types of mice and keyboards. 



The consoles – one of the most attractive options to have access to the gaming world. Compact, inexpensive, without specific skills and capable of being used not in a single application area.

 And while the game on the computer offers more convenient control, better visual appearance of the game and cheaper games, the console remains a path for those who do not need everything available. If you just want to spend a few hours on a weekend evening as a football team coach or participate in Formula 1 races, the game console is the optimal choice that balances between price and quality.