Apex Legends is no more on the top in Ranking. Why?

What Happened to Apex Legends?

In terms of revenue, Apex Legends is no longer available on the top position, as it wondered its competitors in the beginning. According to new figures last month, the game has only made a fraction of the amount it earned during the first month. A gaming analytics firm SuperData has revealed that Apex Legends has just managed to make $24 Million, which is significantly down for its 2nd running month.

The shown figure is just over a quarter of what the Apex Legends (Battle Royale Shooter Game) made in its release month from February, where it surprisingly racked up $92 Million in revenue and SuperData admitted it as the best release of F2P game ever.

The huge drop in revenue confirms that this battle royale shooter game is no longer in the top ranking of gaming consoles and PC as the analytics company has confirmed. In short, things aren’t looking good, at least following this report.

What’s the reason behind all this?

Lots of complaints and reasons are floating across the web here and there, that’s for sure. Some of the massive complaints are about persistent bugs, crashes happening repeatedly to PC gamers in starting days of its release, and yes the audio quirks. Other issues are also available like hit-box woes, criticism of the net code, and problems with cheaters (although the company has created a system to stop cheaters and banned tons of cheaters’ accounts).

It could be also a reason that the Season 1 Battle Pass isn’t offering enough content to satisfy its gamers, including interesting rewards for progression.